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Manual Aspiration Vacuum & Cannulas (IPAS) - TGA Licensed Products

HL Pharma is the Australian exclusive distributor for a number of gynaecological products.

Appointed by international manufacturers, HL Pharma understands the complex requirements necessary to manage the distribution of pharmaceutical products throughout Australia.   

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WomanCare Global - Ipas Manual Aspiration Vacuum (MVA) & Cannulas for Miscarriage or Abortion

HL Pharma is the Australian and New Zealand distributor of this TGA licensed product for uterine aspiration/evacuation in obstetrics and gynaecologic patients for treatment for incomplete first trimester miscarriage, abortion and endometrial biopsy.

The Ipas manual aspiration vacuum (MVA) device is safe and more convenient approach for surgical management of miscarriage, fetal demise and TOP. The hand held medical device is a safe, highly effective option to use and does not require general anesthesia, making it an effective, safe and quick treatment for women. 

MVA devices have many clinical benefits as they are a safe, discreet, cost effective option that can be used in an outpatient setting. Offering quick recovery time for patients and low risk side effects or complications.

Why Use IPAS MVA Devices?

  • Patients do not require general anaesthesia
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Small, inexpensive, and portable
  • Ideal for performing gynaecological procedures in emergency rooms and the outpatient settings
  • Ideal for settings with space constraints
  • Available as a kit or individual components
  • Clinically proven safe and effective with low complications for 40 years

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IPAS Manual Aspiration Device

IIPAS manual aspiration devices, an effective method for uterine evacuation for miscarriage management.   

TGA PUBLIC SUMMARY: IPAS Manual Aspiration Device

IPAS Cannula Device

The IPAS Cannula Devices are compatible to be used with Manual Aspirators during a miscarriage or abortion procedure. HL Pharma supplies and distributes these licensed products throughout Australia.



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