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Carnation® Corn Caps & Footcare - TGA Licensed Products

HL Pharma is a trusted name in Australia, registered with the Victorian Department of Health, supplying pharmaceuticals under Good Distribution Practice (GDP).   

Holding the exclusive distribution rights for Carnation® Corn Caps and Carnation® Footcare products, in Australia. HL Pharma provides the expertise and experience necessary to manage the complex requirements of pharmaceutical product wholesale and distribution in Australia. 

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Available in Australia for wholesale exclusively through HL Pharma.

To order online, visit the Carnation Footcare website below.

Carnation® Footcare Products

Carnation® Footcare is an established UK brand with a range of medicated podiatry products designed specifically to help with common foot issues, such as corns, bunions and calluses. 

The Carnation® range of footcare solutions includes bandages, plasters, corn shields and pads for the treatment of corns, blisters, verrucas and general podiatry health and management.  The range is now distributed in Australia exclusively by HL Pharma and available to buy in Australian pharmacies.

The following footcare products are available to purchase wholesale from HL Pharma in Australia.


Carnation® Corn Caps

Carnation Footcare Corn Caps are a clinically proven, all-in-one method to remove painful corns.  

 The product contains salicylic acid and keratolytic that penetrates the skin and helps to remove corns and provide relief.

  • For the treatment of corns, bunions & calluses
  • Clinically proven corn removal felt with a felt pad that relieves pressure
  • Active medicated centre & self adhesive plaster
  • Easy to apply & adheres firmly to promote healing.  
  • Available in packs of 5 or 10

Carnation® Corn Shields

Advanced soft polymer gel shields that protects and relieves painful corns, absorbing shock and reducing friction.

  • Slim design, elasticated fabric outer keeps the shield in place and stretches to fit all sizes
  • Contains mineral oil to soften and moisturise the skin – help to gently remove corns and prevent pressure which causes recurrence
  • Stretch for use on all toes and especially useful for corns on the 5th toe
  • Corn Shields are available in packs of 3, one size fits all.
Carnation Corn Finger and Toe shields / bandage

Carnation® Finger and Toe Bandage with Applicator

  • Protects finger and toe injuries.
  • Easy and quick to cut to size and apply.
  • Applicator provided
  • Can be used as a closed finger or toe bandage or for more support as a finger stall.
Carnation finger and toe bandages

Carnation® Oval Corn Pads

  • Proven approach to pressure relief on painful corns
  • High quality chiropody felt spreads pressure & absorbs impact.
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Oval in shape for corns on top of the toe
  • Carnation® Oval Corn Cap Pads available in packs of 9
Carnation Oval Corn Pads