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HL Pharma announces exclusive Australian distribution of Carnation Corn Footcare range.


Building on its range of licensed products, HL Pharma is excited announce it now has the exclusive Australian distribution rights for the Carnation® Footcare product range and Carnation® Corn Caps.  Product distribution will be available from September 2023.

“With decades of industry expertise, HL Pharma sources, supplies, and distributes pharmaceutical products and vital medical supplies” says Matt Hayward, Founder of HL Pharma.  “We provide invaluable regulatory expertise to international companies requiring the guidance and knowledge necessary for TGA registration and market entry of medical products and devices.  We are also the exclusive Australian distributor for many products across Australia, and we’re delighted to add the Carnation Corn product range to our list”.

Carnation® Footcare is an established UK brand with a range of medicated podiatry products designed specifically to help with common foot issues, such as corns, bunions, and calluses.

The Carnation® Footcare range provides solutions including bandages, plasters, corn shields and pads for the treatment of corns, blisters, verruca’s and general podiatry health and management.

From September 2023, the following footcare products are available to purchase at wholesale from HL Pharma in Australia.

Product will be available from September 2023 through our wholesale networks.  For enquiries or to order, contact us today.